Campaus Life

The Rules of School Life

All the students must conform themselves to the following rules. It must be always remembered that you are citizens as well students and that you must be honoured in society by good conduct.
  • You are reminded that leading healthy regular life is the key to academic success.
  • Act in good manners. You must be quiet in lecture halls, except when you have questions to teachers.
  • The use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden in the library.
  • Violence is strictly forbidden. Illegal acts must be severely punished.
  • Wear decent clothes on campus. Wearing clogs or sandals is not allowed on campus.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in all the buildings on campus.
    Bear in mind that, after smoking, cigarette ash must be disposed of into the designated dustbins.
  • Participating in any political or religious activity, which includes the support for or the opposition to, the particular political parties or religious groups, is not allowed on campus.
  • Any group of the students whose conduct is recognised as offensive to the university must be closed.
  • The student who intends to hold a meeting at the university must inform the dean about the purpose and must obtain the prior permission by the president (one week prior to the date of the meetings).
  • The student who intends to join the groups outside the university or to do the group activities which make use of the name of the university, must ask for the permission by the president of the university. When the president refuses, joining the groups or doing the activities must not be done.
  • The student who intends to conduct opinion polls, or to do campaigns to collect signatures or donations, must inform the dean about the purpose and must obtain the prior permission by the president.
  • You are reminded that all the acts of the students should be in accordance with social rules and academic rules.
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