Faculty of Economics and Management : The license which can be acquired and career

Office Practice Field
Financial Planner (AFP・CFP)
The work of Financial Planner is to give advice to the one’s life plan from the point of view of finance and to give a hand to make the plan practicing as a role of adviser for family budget
The Examination of Bookkeeping ( Second Grade•Third Grade)
No matter what scale or what kind of company, the work of the bookkeeping is to record, to calculate and to arrange the management activities of the enterprise. Besides, the bookkeeping is to be explicit about the result of management and the financial condition.
Secretarial Skills Test(From First Grade to Third Grade )
It is the test for the students who want to work as clerical position. Students who own this license certified by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology are capable to be secretary.
Creator Design Field
Fundamental Information Technology Engineer
This is the basic engineer qualification about information processing technique. The work of Fundamental Information Technology Engineer is to follow the instructions of the high-ranking engineer to make sure of the performance of the program development in the system development.
CG Creator Test (From First Grade to Third Grade)
It is the examination of testing the ability of creating image or website by computer.
It is requested to make use of the technique of image expression or the knowledge of CG theory and the software in creating CG image.
The Examination of IT Passport
It is the national examination of the basic knowledge of information technique. This license can prove the one who wants to work in the IT society owns basic IT knowledge.
The Public Service Test
The public service test is the test for the one who wants to be national public servant, local public servant, police officer, fire fighter and so on. The test content will be different by occupational category.

Faculty of Health and Welfare : The license which can be acquired and career

The license which is useful for the way of welfare can be gotten
There are many teachers who have gotten the national license in the School of Social and Environmental Service. Teachers do their best to support students to get the license by holding the lectures for national examination or stay together for training. Besides, if students have a dream to become teachers, students can get the teacher’s license of welfare by teacher –training course.
The Qualification of National Test
The License of Social Worker
The work of social worker is to give advice, to guide or to support the old people, the handicapped, the children, the fatherless family and the low income person, when they have trouble in their daily life.
The License of Psychiatric Social Worker
The work of psychiatric social worker is to support the one who suffers from mental disease by the technique of social work or service.
The Qualification for a Civil Servant Post
The qualification for a civil servant post is to become the consultant or case worker in the welfare office of the local government.
Social Welfare Officer
The work of the social welfare officer is to support, to consult and to guide the people who is poor or need to be protected.
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