Curriculum of Intensive Japanese Language Course for Overseas Students The Best Way to learn Japanese Language

General Subjects: 24 credits and above ( including of 14 credits of 9 compulsory subjects and 6 credits of 3 compulsory elective subjects )
It is the complete curriculum to study Japanese Language in practice in small class. In addition, overseas students can deepen to understand the Japanese Language and Culture in wide range through the exchange event on campus or outside the university.
Matumoto Yuuri
Matumoto Yuuri
A Message from the Dean of the Intensive Japanese Language Course for Overseas Students

The Intensive Japanese Language Course for Overseas Students was established in 1985 to promote student exchange programs with universities across the world and to upgrade the institute’s international program. From the inception of the course in 1985 to the present, we have welcomed many international students and repeat admissions, imparting Japanese language training to aid entrance into Japanese universities or graduate schools. The unique teaching methodology followed in this course makes it easier for students to learn Japanese. Thus, the module is highly appreciated by foreign students. Besides helping international learners acquire Japanese as a language, the course also deeply enhances their understanding of Japanese society, culture, and economy. This extra-curricular learning is facilitated by intercultural interchanges with junior college or university students and other regional international exchange events. Final-year students can also attend university classes. The classroom sessions of the Intensive Japanese Language Course for Overseas Students are designed for small groups. International students are thus accorded comprehensive opportunities to practice speaking Japanese during classes. Furthermore, many of our teachers have pursued overseas study programs and are thus equipped with consideration and compassion to support foreign students in their study of the Japanese language. The instructors of the Intensive Japanese Language Course for Overseas Students try their best to respond to the needs of overseas students.
the detail of Recruit
Names of the Courses

Seminar or Lecture

Credits: Compulsory, Elective or Optional
First year Second year Compulsory Compulsory Optional Note
Spring Fall Spring Fall
Japanese Language Seminar seminar 6 6 6 6 24      
Comrehensive Japanese seminar 1 1 1 1 4    
Kanji Ⅰ seminar 1 1 1 1 4    
Kanji Ⅱ seminar 1 1 1 1 4    
Composition seminar 1 1 1 1 4    
Structure of Sentence
(grammar and sentence patterns)
seminar 1 1 1 1 4    
listening comprehension seminar 1 1 1 1 4    
Japanese Society lecture 2       2    
Japanese Culture lecture   2     2    
Computer Practice seminar     1 1   1・1  

Spring or Fall any one 1credit

The Special seminar for Japanese language seminar 1 1         1・1 Choose (from optional Subjects) at least 3credits required
Kanji Ⅲ seminar 1   1       1・1
Kanji Ⅳ seminar   1   1     1・1
credits 17 17 17 15 56 2 6  
Requires 60 credits including optional subjects
The Introduction of the Course
The Japanese Language Seminar
In the beginner’s course of the Japanese language seminar, students will pay attention to learn the correct sentence pattern and practice being capable to write beautiful composition in Japanese Language. Students will be trained to be able to converse with people in Japanese in various situations. For equipping students to pronounce or intone correctly, students will listen to the type many times.
Furthermore, the details of the seminar of the middle and upper class will include a lot of topics to help students to understand the Japanese culture. For example, it will help students to get used to the Japanese Language at the speed of the ordinary conversation by the exercise for enhancing the ability of listening. Besides, students will become to comprehend the Japanese Language writings by reading or writing Japanese Language compositions with different topics. Through learning to write the composition, students will become to be able to use the kanji to express what they think. Finally, the target aims to pass N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
Japanese Language (Vocabulary・Reading)
In the beginning step, the seminar will use the text with a focus on conversation. The main is to exercise by means of the conversation between teacher and students at first, and gradually transfer to the point to encourage students to enhance the ability of kanji and vocabulary. Students can raise the capability in reading and comprehension of Japanese language due to the familiar topics of conversation about society, culture, economy and history etc.
Japanese Language(Writing・Kanji)
When the overseas students learn the Japanese language, it is the most difficult for them to study the kanji. Many overseas students have not learned the kanji yet before they came to Japan, so it is difficult for them to be accustomed to familiar with the kanji. The teacher of this seminar will make their efforts to teach the students how to write the stroke order effectively. Besides, students not only strive for keeping the necessary kanji for learning Japanese language in mind, but also they have to expand the capability of kanji vocabulary.
Japanese Language(Composition)
One of the goals for learning Japanese Language is to let students writing the composition in Japanese Language exactly. In this seminar, students will write compositions in different topics which will be corrected by theirs teachers to help them to upgrade their capability in writing.
Japanese Language(Grammar・Sentence patterns)
The grammar plays important part in Japanese Language Proficiency Test, so this seminar regards the learning the grammar of the Japanese Language as vital. Therefore, the teacher of this seminar focus on teaching students not only to grasp of the grammar, but also to get hold of the postpositional particle and the honorific expression in plain language.
Japanese Language (Listening Comprehension)
The intensive Japanese Language course for overseas students of Higashi Nippon International University regards raising students’ capability of listening comprehension as important. In addition, it is useful for overseas students to enhance their listening comprehension by communing with other Japanese university students on the same campus. Besides, this seminar is focus on helping students to catch Japanese language by listening correct intonation of Japanese language. After attending this seminar six months, students almost can catch the basic Japanese language.
The Essential Japanese Language
The teacher of this lecture offers different subjects to students every times, and leads them into expressing their thinking by discussing with each other in Japanese language. Students can train their thinking skills and talking skills well in Japanese Language. For example, when students introduce the difference between the life in Japan and their homeland in Japanese Language one by one, overseas students not only enhance their capability of Japanese Language conversation, but also introduce the culture of their homeland clearly.
The Experience of Japanese Culture
There are many events for overseas students to experience Japanese Culture. For example, students can experience the beauty of the art of Japanese Tea Ceremony and taste Japanese sweets and tea in the Japanese tea party. Besides, teachers will take students to see the cherry blossoms in the spring, and to visit famous sights in Iwaki to understand the culture of Japan
The Facilities
Overseas students of Intensive Japanese Language Course can use the facilities of Higashi Nippon International University and Iwaki Junior College, such as the library, study room and computer room, etc.
  • 東日本国際大学
  • いわき短期大学
  • 東日本国際大学付属昌平中学校 東日本国際大学付属昌高等学校
  • 東日本国際大学付属昌高等学 通信制課程
  • いわき短期大学付属幼稚園